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The Grip of it

FSG Originals, forthcoming 2017


A Different Bed Every Time 

NAMED on of Amazon's best Story collections of 2014

Dzanc Books, 2014

A thief steals the air from a room. Children invent a nursery rhyme to make sense of their fate. A band of girls rot from the outside in. These characters stumble through joy and murder and confusion, only to survive and wait for the next catastrophe to arrive. Moments so brief and disturbing you can't afford to look away. Jac Jemc's affecting stories mine the territory between what is real and the stories we tell to create understanding.

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My Only Wife

Named a Finalist for the 2013 PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction and winner of the Paula Anderson Book Award


Dzanc Books, 2012

Ten years ago the narrator unlocked the door of a wrecked apartment, empty of any trace of his wife. As stunning as her disappearance is his response. He freezes on the facts of her, haunting his recollections. This is the story of a man unable to free himself enough from the idea of a woman to try to find her.


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Theses Strangers She'd Invited In

Greying Ghost Press, 2010

A vessel carrying fourteen strangers docks at the piers of your fingertips. Their stories creep up your arms. A few nestle in the valleys of the mountains that were once your goosebumps. Most never travel past your biceps but by then you can’t put the book down. You become the vessel that’ll carry these strangers to new strangers. Let Jac Jemc be your captain.


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